The Most Popular Point of Sale Apps for iPad

If you conduct a brief research, you will see that more and more retailers are using iPad devices as mobile Point of Sale systems. This is quite logical because using these devices brings many advantages. In order to turn your iPad mobile device into a modern POS system, you will need to use some of the many applications found on the market. These apps will help you accept debit/credit card payments, bill your customers, provide reports and much more. As we have already mentioned, there are many POS apps designed for iPad, but not all of them are the same – some are better than the others. We will use this article to highlight the most popular POS apps for iPad.

Square Point

Square Point is actually a payment app for iOS devices. In the last years, the developers of this app have added a few features that made this app even better. Despite the fact that the number of features is growing, the interface of Square Point is still very user-friendly. If you use it as part of your POS system, you can get in-app reports, printing features, card reader features and more. It’s worth mentioning that this is a free application.

QuickBooks GoPayment

The famous Inuit company has introduced QuickBooks GoPayment card terminal a few years ago. This is a great solution for medium-sized businesses. Users can add up to 50 individuals on one account. Additionally, they can sync to QuickBooks too. This application will get you a credit card reader for free. Keep in mind that you can use this reader on your iPhone and iPad. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that you will be charged 2.75% for every card swipe.

 ShopKeep POS

When ShopKeep was introduced, many people believed that this app won’t last long because it was developed by a relatively unknown team of developers, but they were wrong. Today, thousands of business owners are using this iPad POS app. Even though the application is a little bit costly, there is a chance to try some of its features for free. This is a 3-day trial which is completely free.


Kounta Point of Sale comes with different useful features like smooth inventory management, offline mode, completely customizable POS screen, sophisticated reporting and few other things that will help you run a more successful business. Don’t’ forget that this is a cloud-based application that works offline too.